NurseryWatcher Baby Tagging System

This System gives an alert to indicate when a baby is moved out of the ward without the permission of the staff. Door strips that protect the ward detects signal from the the tags worn on the baby's wrist or ankle, and trigger a visual and audible alarm when approached. In large hospitals, multiple wards may be controlled from a central management and monitoring station, which uses Rondish database software with a graphic display. Alarm shown at a Central Monitor at a nurse station allow rapid response by ward nurses.

Door Strips can be connected to a door lock, and have a adjustable system timer to allow compliance with fire regulations, preventing immediate egress.

Re-usable ankle strips made from soft, hypo allergenic plastic that will not irritate skin. Rechargeable tags have a long service life. Low battery allert for tags. Tag Size is 25mmx 25mm x 10mm.

NurseryWatcher System

PC Database Software and Site Mimic
Single Use strap with Tag
Re-Usable Strap with Tag
Cut the plastic Snap
Doorstrip sensors
Baby Tag Tester