HelpSignal Emergency Dialer

The HelpSignal Emergency Autodialer is a modern Telecare product giving the ability to remotely monitor someone, enabling them to call you quickly when needed.

In an emergency this stylish, new autodialer unit (TED-02) may be programmed to dial and function as a speaker phone direct to relatives and other caregivers, plus to a control centre as the 24Hour back up. It has an attractive-looking main unit with a ultra small, long range transmitter.

The transmitter is small and waterproof. Pendant and wristband type for selection.

The "Help Signal 2" auto-dialer can be programmed to dial a 24hour manned control centre. It can also dial to a standard or mobile phone, play a pre- recorded message and allows high quality speech with the user or a combination of both since it allows 4 telephone numbers to be dialed.

Basic System

Auto Dialer
Pendant Emergency push button