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Outcomes Evaluation:  Drugs and HIV Aids Awareness Education Workshop

Participants were from diverse cultural backgrounds and ages. Certain participants were ex users of various substances.

Some of the reasons given for using of substances were:

It’s fun. Peer pressure.  Rebelling. Low Self-confidence. Relaxing. Relieve boredom. Low Self-esteem. Fit-in.
Belonging. Anger - pent-up.  

                                                                                                                        Very                      Some                     Not

                                                                                                                        Much                      What                       Sure


Did you find the workshop informative?                                                           14

Do you feel better equipped to deal with anyone that is an addict?                 13                           1

Do you know who to contact if someone needs help?                                     14

Are you now more aware of the dangers of the various drugs available?       14

Did you find the section on HIV / Aids informative?                                         14

Did you find the section on Drug Mules informative?                                       14


What would you say to anyone who asks, “What happened at that “Drug & HIV/Aids Awareness Workshop”?

·           Fun interactive session making you/a person think outside of the box regarding any possible dangers. 

·           I came out of it so much more aware and wishing to be involved.

·           Good for all parents’ especially young parents.

·           Very informative.

·           Would like to see this workshop rolled out to all schools.

·           Great workshop, would benefit teachers, parents and learners.

·           Informative introduction to drugs, alcohol abuse etc.

·           Seriousness of how vulnerable we and our children are

·           Good, practical methods in discovering more about yourselves and others.

·           Very good informative workshop.

·           Worth it.

·           Thank you very much for the informative session.

·           It’s a very good workshop. 

·           Well done. Keep it up.  God bless you

·           The openness to all approaches to the problems of drugs.
Participants brainstormed a project and the above was the final outcome.  Which says it all.  “It begins at home”

Certified Drug Free Marshall
The purpose of this program 
is to educate the youth on the
Truth About Drugs so they can
make an informed decision to
say No to Drugs and say Yes
to life and to help their friends
and family to also say No to